Sylvia Says EP

by Dusty Santamaria

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released May 6, 2016



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Dusty Santamaria Portland, Oregon

Dusty Santamaria is an American singer, songwriter, performer, poet, and painter. He is the composer of 4 records and 2 volumes of poetry including "Like a Good God Gone Mad" and "Kissing the History Off Our Fingertips." He currently lives in Portland Oregon where he spends his free time courting the enduring mysteries of the human heart as well as driving a taxi cab from midnight til sunrise. ... more


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Track Name: Sylvia Says
Sylvia Says

Bring a little water, Sylvie,
Bring a little water now.
Bring a little water Sylvie,
Bring a little water now.

Left my home in Ancient Rome
A messenger out on the sly
Some sleepwalking guru
that guided me here
Just jumped into the river and died

Found myself in the middle
Locked outside the cigarette store
Midwestern woman walked up to me
invited me back to the war

This love affair is a half written poem
discarded by the next drink at the bar
I'm far away from ever getting there
But it's enough just to be where you are

So bring a little fire Sylvie
If you want me to burn, I will
Bring a little fire, Sylvie
Watch as she moves in for the kill

Time, it don't mean nothin'
Money, it means even less
This whole life's like some waiting room
To reenact nostalgia such as
When the moon shined down like a headlight
Into the window where I watched her undress
She said she left her soul in someone's rented car
When she was looking for salvation out west

So bring a little kindness, Sylvie
Bring a little softness now
Bring a little kindness, Sylvie
Bring a little sweetness now.